Construction has commenced on Alton Towers Resort’s latest accommodation. Planned as an expansion to The Enchanted Village, and given approval by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council just last month, the latest addition to the Resort’s accommodation portfolio will see a further 102 rooms added to the already extensive overnight offering. TowersTimes take a look at the first stages of construction.

Over in the north east corner of the construction site, the first foundations have already been laid for the proposed pods, with rectangular hardcore bases installed ready to have a final layer of concrete poured on top. Alongside these foundations, trenches have been dug to enable the installation of the electrical cabling which will supply the power to each individual pod.

The first stages for the foundations of pods situated to the south east of the site have also been dug with the rectangular holes on the raised area of the green waiting to be filled with concrete. Between the two sets of foundations created so far, the base for the tipi entertainment area has remained fenced off to ensure it is protected from the ongoing construction work.

Around the boundaries of the construction site a large fence is in the process of being installed to help shield guests staying in the Enchanted Village Lodges from the disruption caused by the construction work. Two of the three trees located on the green have also had barriers placed around them to protect them during the construction period. As part of the construction, a small section of the public footpath will be temporarily obstructed, meaning the Resort has been required to provide and signpost an alternative route, although this is only a minor diversion.

Although Alton Towers Resort have yet to officially announce the new accommodation, it is thought that the expansion will be named “Alton Towers Stargazing Pods”, with a UK trademark for the name having recently been filed. When complete, the pods will form an almost circular formation around a central green area, which will feature a number of telescopes for guests to use. A number of “thematic star planters” will also be located throughout the site. As the pods do not include their own individual bathrooms, a changing facility is set to be constructed at the southern end of the site to provide toilet, showering, and washing facilities. Entertainment will be provided in a tipi which will be built at the eastern end of the site.

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