Earlier today, Alton Towers Resort revealed the line-up for this year’s spine-tingling Scarefest event. We’ve taken a detailed look at what Scarefest 2018 has to offer.

New for this year is Project 42, a new scare maze which will be located in Forbidden Valley. Whilst more details are expected to be revealed in the coming months, based on recent construction work, it’s likely that this attraction will be located on the Nemesis: Sub-Terra site, where the existing building and queue-line can be utilised.

This new addition will replace the Resort’s iconic Terror of the Towers: What Lies Within, which will not be returning, having run on and off since 2002. Terror of the Towers has seen many changes over the years, most recently to the route, which allowed for three mazes to operate within the Towers. Despite being well recognised and liked, many enthusiasts have agreed that it has offered little new in recent years as well having a weaker overall narrative when compared Alton Towers’ more recent maze additions.

Also departing this year is the Freak Show scare zone, which saw a carnival of freaks occupy the path between Spinball Whizzer and X-Sector, which allowed a wider range of guests to experience a range of scares and laughs.

Returning this year are the Resort’s award winning mazes; Altonville Mine Tours: Uncover the Legend of the Skin Snatchers and Sub Species: The End Games, as well the return of last year’s new addition; The Welcoming – Be Chosen, which is due to return to the Wicker Man area. Alton Towers Resort are promising that the mazes will be “re-scarified” for this year, although what this might mean in practice, hasn’t been confirmed.

2018 will also see significant changes to the theme park’s atmosphere as the Resort introduces a new programme of ‘Scaremosphere’, with featured areas including Galactica, Mutiny Bay and The Towers:

  • Galactica Airways – Meet the AI air cabin crew of Galactica airways, always at your service whether you like it or not.
  • Ghost Pirates – This motley crew of pirate wash-ups have followed the sound of the siren all the way to Mutiny Bay.
  • The Towers Gothic ruins are rumoured to be home to a number of supernatural forces – do you get the feeling somebody’s watching from the windows?

Of course, Scarefest is not just about the frights and thrills, there is also set to be a whole range of spooktacular family fun. Returning for its third year, House of Monsters features 7 live shows set across a 20 minute experience, which this year features an extended maze section.

Elsewhere the family friendly entertainment has seen a complete overhaul for the 2018 season. In a really positive move, the Freaky Four will become the Freaky Five, as Franklyn, Patch, Phil, and Skelvin will be joined by Gretyl the Witch for their new spooky shows, meet and greets and more, located near the Towers. Also new for 2018 is an additional show, Freaky Funk Squad, which promises an all-out, rock ‘n’ roll monster party featuring a live vocalist, musicians and character performers. Furthermore, CBeebies Land’s Big Fun Showtime arena will be home to the Halloween Funster Show that will get guests ready for the new CBeebies Land ‘Monster Ball’, which will feature Bing, Ubercorn, Hey Duggee and many more CBeebies friends.

No Scarefest would be complete without the Alton Ancestors who will be bringing their unique dance moves to the Resort once more with flash mobs each morning on Towers Street before later moving to Gloomy Wood. This year the Alton Ancestors will also be making an additional appearance near The Towers in the afternoon.

This year’s event runs on 6th-7th; 13th-14th, and 19th October – 2nd November with the Resort open from 10am-9pm each day. Whilst there is no Early Ride Time during the event, the later opening times offer the ideal opportunity to experience some of the Resort’s most thrilling attractions, including Wicker Man in the dark.

Tickets are available now from the Alton Towers Resort website.

What are your thoughts on the line-up for Scarefest 2018? Are you excited for Project 42? Make sure you share your thoughts over on the Attraction Source Forum. *All images within this article have been taken with full permission and cooperation from the Resort. Photography within the mazes during normal operation is strictly prohibited.

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