With the opening of the CBeebies Land Hotel now less than 3 weeks away, construction of the Resort’s newest accommodation is now in its final phases. TowersTimes takes a look at the latest developments.

At what will be the main entrance to the hotel, work is underway on the framework for the entrance signage and feature to prepare for the installation of the sign in the very near future. To the side of the arched framework, wires and tubing can be seen which it is thought will supply power to the entrance lighting. Just in front of the main doorway, work has begun on the installation of the paving for the front entry area with the paving edges in place showing the outline of the area.

Over on the far side of what will be the hotel car park, the large mound has now been turfed to give it a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This will act as a buffer between the CBeebies Land Hotel and Enchanted Village Treehouses, although it ought to be noted that the treehouse on the end will still have views of the new hotel where before it had a view of the grassland which previously was on the site.

Around the side of the accommodation facing the Alton Towers Hotel, work has been continuing on the landscaping of the exterior with turf and low wooden fencing being added, and further work being done on the paving in the area. The small roof area by the Alton Towers Spa has also been turfed. As this work has been completed the construction fences have been gradually taken down, including those which featured a number of popular CBeebies characters (you could say Mr Tumble has taken a tumble).

Whilst not much can be seen of the hotel’s interior, what can be seen through some of the open doors and windows are the bright colours which will form the décor of the inside of the hotel, both in the rooms and in the public areas.

Following its closure to allow for the construction of the CBeebies Land Hotel, the Alton Towers Spa has also reopened and now offers a range of new treatments using Decleor products. The Spa has also had a refresh throughout.

What are your thoughts on the latest progress on the CBeebies Land Hotel? Have your say over on the Attraction Source Forum. As the Resort’s newest accommodation nears completion we’ll be sure to bring you the latest updates.

Alton Towers Resort from another point of view!

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