With recent good weather, progress on the construction of Secret Weapon 8 has been progressing at a rapid pace over the past few weeks. We take a look at the latest progress across the site, including a significant delivery to the project.

With the first foundations having been put in place at the top end of the construction site, work has continued in other areas to add further foundations towards the lower part of the ride area, near Mutiny Bay, with an ever clearer picture emerging of the wooden coaster’s track layout. At the upper end of the site, behind Congo River Rapids, the concrete footers have been created ready to receive the wooden track supports. In other areas of the site, metal framework can be seen in preparation for the pouring of the concrete footers for the next section of the layout.

Near the lower end of the site, a large concrete platform has been created which has had a number of L-shaped metal footers secured to it. These footers will have the timber for the main track and supports fixed to it to provide the solid base for the wooden coaster. Also installed on the concrete platform has been some larger, square footers which are thought to be for the large theming feature at the centre of the ride, currently understood to be a wickerman figure. Set within the concrete platform are several pipes, two for drainage, and two for cabling, suggesting that there potentially will be some form of special effects installed alongside the theming element at this section of the ride.

Substantial progress has also been made on the station for the ride, with what would appear to be a tunnel created underneath the station building. On top of the side of the building nearest the former Mutiny Bay to Katanga Canyon pathway, further L-shaped track supports have been added.

In the construction compound by the Resort staff car park, the first delivery of timber has been made to the site (although we understand the timber was delivered to the Resort two weeks ago). Great Coasters International (GCI), the manufacturer of the rollercoaster, are now also on Resort suggesting that installation of the wooden bents which will form the first vertical construction of the track is imminent.

What are your thoughts on the progress so far on SW8? Make sure you share your thoughts and speculation over on the Attraction Source Forum. As construction continues to progress we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest updates.

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