Further details have been released by Alton Towers Resort about the new Rollercoaster Restaurant set to open in Forbidden Valley in May 2016.

A first of its kind in the UK, the new restaurant will offer what is being described by the Resort as a ‘360 degree dining experience at one of 13 tables’. Once guests have placed their order they’ll be able to watch their food be delivered to their table via a specially designed rollercoaster track suspended more than 8 metres above their heads which will see their meal travel in specially designed containers through two ‘loop-the-loops’ before descending down the ‘tornado spiral’ to their table.

Located on the site of the former Air Shop, the restaurant will operate from 10am – 10pm throughout the season and offer two different menus depending on the time of day. Up until 4pm the restaurant will offer a lunch menu which will include what the Resort are calling ‘family favourite dishes’ including burgers, ribs and salads. From 5pm the restaurant will offer a ‘premium’ evening menu which will include a range of starters, along with a selection of other more refined options. Tables after 5pm will be available via reservation only with hotel guests able to access the restaurant via a dedicated path between the hotels and theme park. As the current menu is still in the sample stage there is not yet any indication of what the prices will be for the new restaurant, however it is thought it will be towards the higher end of the Resort’s F&B price range.

This newest Food and Beverage offering from Alton Towers Resort follows on from last season’s introduction of the Nitrogenie Ice Cream outlet in the Gloomy Wood area of the Resort and would indicate that the Resort are looking to introduce a range of new and exciting options across their Food and Beverage outlets. It won’t be the only new Food and Beverage outlet to be added to the Resort for the new season with a new coffee shop also due to open, however the location for this is currently unconfirmed. The Rollercoaster Restaurant will also offer much needed additional capacity for the Resort’s Hotel restaurant offering which are frequently fully booked during the peak season.

Are you looking forward to the new Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers Resort? Will you be trying the new outlet when it opens this May? Have your say on this and more over on the Attraction Source Forum. As Alton Towers Resort reveal more information for their 2016 season TowersTimes will bring you all the latest news and developments.

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