As the opening date for Alton Towers Resort’s newest addition draws ever closer, construction has been steadily progressing on the site of the Enchanted Forest Tree Top quest, ready for the attraction to open on Friday 22nd May.

The majority of the obstacles on both the high ropes and low ropes course have now been installed, with these ranging from tyres and nets, to more difficult and challenging climbing walls and rope bridges. One of the most interesting obstacles to be installed is a series of metal hoops. These hoops appear to be similar to those featured in the adverts for the attraction, however as yet there is no sign of the leafy theming which is also featured in the adverts. At the end of the course, the scaffolding is being put in place for the zip-wire finish which will be the finale for both routes.

At the hub of the area, the main structure of the central tower is now complete with details now being added to theme the tower. Rustic fencing surrounds each level of the tower, whilst tiling similar to that used within the Enchanted Village has been added to various parts of the tower to help give it an almost fariytale look, whilst at the base of the tower a quirky themed window has been installed.

On the ground progress on the reception and office building appears to be slightly slower. Despite the exterior shell of the building being fully constructed, there seems to be limited progress inside which raises some concerns as to whether it will be ready in time for the attraction opening in two weeks time. Positive progress has been made on the dry stone wall surrounding the reception building, with the wall now being almost fully restored.

What are your thoughts on the Tree Top Quest? Will you be trying out the new attraction when it opens in two weeks time? Have your say on this and more over on the Attraction Source Forum. As developments continue across Alton Towers Resort, TowersTimes will continue to bring you all the latest news.
Alton Towers Resort from another point of view!

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