TowersTimes has learned this morning that Alton Towers Resort will be announcing changes to some of the rules for guests using the Splash Landings Waterpark.

The new guidelines will cover the swimwear guests are allowed to wear in the waterpark’s pools and on their slides. From Saturday 23rd May, it will be compulsory for all guests to wear swimming hats within the waterpark. Guests who are either unaware of this rule, or who do not have a hat with them, will be able to purchase one upon entering the park, or from the Splash Landings Hotel Shop. It is understood that guests who book a stay in any resort accommodation and purchase waterpark tickets as part of their package will be given a complimentary hat.

This latest addition to the guidelines supplements the rules already in place regarding guests not being able to wear loose articles of clothing on the slides, and is expected to be covered by the following from the Alton Towers Waterpark’s terms and conditions:

Your dress & appearance must be suitable for a family waterpark:
You must wear appropriate swimwear at all times whilst at the Attraction. If you fail to wear swimwear which Alton Towers Resort considers to be appropriate or which is likely to cause offence in any way, you will be refused entry or removed from the Attraction. Guests must ensure that all swimwear is durable for use on the water slides/attractions as we do not accept any responsibility for any damage to swimwear. Swim hats must be worn at all times. Babies and toddlers not toilet trained must wear swim-nappies at all times.”

It is thought the reasoning behind this latest policy is to do with the maintenance of the waterpark’s filtration system, with the maintenance team having to spend increasing amount of time unclogging and changing the filters for both the pools and the slides. It is hoped that, by enforcing the wearing of swimming hats, it will decrease the amount of debris, (in particular hairspray and hair gel which act as a type of fat blocking the system), which enters the filtration system and generally make the waterpark more hygienic.

These latest guidelines come after a range of operational changes over in the main theme park – many of which have frustrated guests. It is yet to be seen how guests will react to the new policy, however it is thought this latest move will receive a mixed reception.

Would you be happy wearing a swimming hat in the waterpark? What do you think to this latest policy change? TowersTimes will be sure to keep an eye on this and any other changes as they happen.
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