Full details of two further attractions which will be located in CBeebies Land, have today been revealed on the CBeebies Land minisite by the Alton Towers Resort.

The first of these, The Numtums Number-Go-Round, is set to be a carousel style ride where guests can ‘hop aboard your own Numtum cart’ and control the steering as you ‘whizz’ around. As with the other CBeebies Land attractions, the ride will have an interactive element focused on helping children develop their counting skills. This attraction is expected to take the place of the much loved Doodle Doo Derby.

Also revealed today, Charlie and Lola’s Moonsquirters and Greendrops will be another highly interactive attraction will allow children to fully immerse themselves in the word of Charlie and Lola. Guests can visit Charlie and Lola’s home on Crocodile street, where they might see a range of characters from the popular CBeebies show. Amongst the activities on offer they can help Lola make lunch, peek in Charlie and Lola’s bedroom to do some dressing up and follow the bugs to Greenland where ‘it’s always raining greendrops’, and head to a supermarket under the sea when they can watch the ocean nibbles. Finally, if children still have any energy, they can try climbing to the top of Mount Fuji and try to touch the cloud fluff.

This most recent announcement leaves just the CBeebies Photo Studio details to be revealed by the resort.

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