The Alton Towers Resort website has recently been updated with new ticket prices for the 2014 season with both individual and family tickets showing an increase from 2013 prices.

Visitors to the ticketing page of the website are currently able to book an individual adult ticket for the main season for £36 which, according to the page, offers a saving of £12 on the on the day price. This would make the on the day price for an adult £48, an increase of £1.20 from the 2013 price of £46.80. There have also been increases to both the child and family tickets as detailed below.


2013 2014 Increase
Adult £46.80 £48 £1.20
Child £37.80 £40.80 £3
Family £39.60pp £41.40pp £1.80pp


These latest price rises are the latest in a series of increases over the past few years and will no doubt be to the dismay of many fans of the park. Some will see these rises as a way of helping to fund the recent developments on park with the introduction of The Smiler last year and the new family development, CBeebies Land, this season.

What are your thoughts on these latest price increases? Why not head on over to the TowersTimes Forum to discuss this and more. As the new season gets ever closer, TowersTimes will bring you all the latest news and developments as they happen.

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