The Merlin Annual Pass Team will announce from tomorrow some changes to their Annual Passes.

These changes include slight adjustments to the pricing as well as changes to the perks and benefits of the existing passes alongside the addition of a new VIP pass tier.

The benefits and prices for the Standard Annual Pass have been frozen, whilst the Premium Annual Pass has been upgraded to include extra benefits. In an email sent out earlier today Merlin Entertainments described these additions:

For just £20 extra per person, the new Premium Pass includes, along with complimentary car parking at our theme parks (worth £30), a special Privilege Pack containing: introductory fastrack tickets for our theme parks (worth £15), birthday vouchers allowing you to bring 3 of your friends with you for just £10 (saving your friends up to £35 each) within 7 days of your birthday and extra goodies and insider advice to help you make the most of every visit.

In addition to these changes to the premium pass, Merlin Entertainments have introduced a new VIP Pass, costing £500. Currently details have yet to be confirmed but TowersTimes will bring you the news as we get it. It is expected that the VIP Pass will include extra Fasttrack on top of the premium pass level, as well as perks related to the seasonal special events at the attractions.

As well as this exciting announcement, Merlin Entertainments have announced that their January Sale will start on the 27th December, giving customers a £54 saving on the Standard Pass and a £75 saving on the Premium Pass. Renewals are also cheaper in the January Sale, and current passholders are able to renew their passes in advance to take advantage of the lower cost and simply collect their new Annual Pass when their old one expires.

Current pass holders can continue to receive the benefits from their existing passes and simply upgrade at their usual renewal date. It is expected that Merlin Entertainments will offer a way for existing passholders to upgrade to the new pass for a nominal fee.

The last major change to the structure of the passes was back in 2009 when they were split into standard and premium passes with a number of restrictions being placed on the standard option, including restricting access to the London attractions during August, and later on also withdrawing the complimentary standard parking.

We have included a full copy of the email for you to view below:



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