This morning we revealed the news that The Smiler was going to be sponsored by Colgate Toothpaste, with chances to win trips to The Resort. But don’t get too excited…

Now that midday has come and gone, it’s time to come clean and admit that it was all an April Fool’s joke.

Should any confirmation about an actual sponsorship for The Smiler come to light, TowersTimes will be on hand to report all the latest news. We hope you all have a great April Fools Day! Our article can be found below:


Following weeks of speculation on TowersTimes Forum, The Alton Towers Resort have confirmed to TowersTimes the sponsor for The Smiler will be Colgate Toothpaste.

We have yet to receive full details on how this will affect the actual ride itself but we have confirmation on some of the benefits of this deal. We have previously reported The Smiler bedrooms in the hotel will feature black toothpaste, this has been confirmed as being supplied by Colgate and will also go on general sale to the public in special The Smiler branded packaging.

In addition special Colgate packaging offering a chance to win a trip to The Resort is being rolled out over the coming few weeks. It is expected that this will also be available to purchase across the resort in 2013 and small sample packages of Colgate products will be handed out during the rides opening week.

Cathy Swanless, Resort Head of Partnerships and Endorsements had this to say;

We are excited to confirm Colgate will be joining our extensive portfolio of corporate sponsorships at The Alton Towers Resort. Colgate is a perfect fit for The Smiler as both they and our protagonist, The Ministry Of Joy both aim to give our guests the biggest and best smile possible.


TowersTimes will bring you more information as we get it!