Ever since the announcement of The Smiler, members of the TowersTimes Forum have been speculating as to the meaning of the taglines ‘World First’ and ‘World Beating’ used when advertising this years major new rollercoaster.

Back in October 2012, TowersTimes received information which led us to believe the ride would be going for the inversion record. (the most ‘loops’).This world record is currently held by Colossus at Thorpe Park with 10 track inversions within its layout. At the time it was not clear how the record would be achieved and many believed it was likely to be done with a trick track element, however recent changes to the ride from the plans have shown a more traditional approach to claiming the record with a multitude of additional track inversions appearing.

With the release of The Smiler iOS and Android application and the ongoing TowersTimes aerial construction updates, we can reveal The Smiler has a minimum of 14 confirmed inversions easily claiming the world record for most on any rollercoaster.

Right now, the following inversions in order are

Heartline Roll
Inverted Drop/Barrel Roll
Pretzel Loop (x2 Inversions)
Batwing (x2 Inversions
Inverted Drop/Barrel Roll
Sea-Serpent Roll (x2 Inversions)
Cobra Roll (x2 Inversions)
Barrel Roll
Corkscrew/Barrel Roll

We believe many more surprises are in store, TowersTimes will keep you updated as we hear more.