Ride designer John Wardley has revealed further information about The Smiler in a radio interview on Bolton FM

Talking on Bolton FM earlier today the ride designer dropped several hints as to what we can expect when The Smiler opens in may. These include the following:

If you think Nemesis is big this is about twice the size of Nemesis. But the unique thing about it is, whereas rollercoasters in the past have just played around with your body, this ‘marmalises’ you and it plays around with your mind and there are five mind manipulating elements that you experience on the ride”

What we have managed to do is pack more track per metre of space in this ride than any other rollercoaster in the world. it takes you up two different lifts, one is vertical, you’ve got 30m drop, all sorts of inversions, but on top of that various special effects that actually disorientate you so it’s a mental experience as well as a physical experience.

Controversially for our forum members, who generally regard Nemesis as the pinnacle of rollercoaster engineering, John Wardley offers this comparison to Nemesis and Air:

Well our new ride is going to beat those.

You can listen to the full interview on the Bolton FM website here. The interview is towards the end of the broadcast.

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