You don’t have to be the most observant of people to notice that the country is starting to catch onto the #GetCorrected craze. As reported earlier in the week, papers have been reporting mysterious smiley faces being ‘tattooed’ onto sheep.

But we all know who is responsible for this!

As we get ever closer to the 2013 season and the opening of the Resort’s latest attraction, we’ve got a round-up of the resorts latest marketing from Twitter, News Articles and more…

Smiler Lego1Credit – Ellie (TowersTree)
Smiler London1
Image – Twitter
Smiler London2
Image – Twitter
Smiler London3
Image – Instagram
Smiler London4
Image – Twitter
Smiler London5
Image – Twitter
Smiler Sealife
Image – Sealife
Smiler Sealife2
Image- Sealife
Smiler Train1
Image – Twitter
Smiler Sheep2

Oh yes! Don’t forget #CreepySheep!

And the latest teaser images have come direct from the offical Alton Towers Twitter, leaving enthusiasts confused and bemused about the hypnotic images being released…

Smiller Twitter1
Smiler Twitter2
Smiler Twitter3

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