A member of our fantastic community, has brough forward some interesting research tonight.

Lewis97 as they are known on the forum has a great story, regarding Inoculation Theory and a certain ‘Dr Kelman’

“Inoculation theory states that to prevent persuasion it is necessary to strengthen preexisting attitudes, beliefs, or opinions. First, the receiver must be warned of an impending attack. This establishes threat (or a recognition of vulnerability) and initiates defenses to future attacks.”

This idea was present within the sanctuary, You were told that you were going to meet your fellow patients, there was no turning back and you would be trapped, This partnered with being told you would be ‘marmalised’. Your brain would naturally fight back and you would fight your beliefs when you saw what was displayed on the screens.

An interesting idea, what’s more is that this theory was developed in 1961, the time period in which the The Sanctuary was set, Fascinating stuff…

That’s not all though, Lewis97 has done some more digging and found that someone named Herbert C. Kelman was researching into this Inoculation Theory, He also wrote a book regarding his studies called ‘Crimes of Obedience’ which notes something labeled ‘The Sanctuary movement’

The pieces of the puzzle are very much coming together and we would like to thank Lewis97 for this fantastic research!


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