As of 28th December, Alton Towers Resort Operations Limited will be no more! All of the business, assets and employees will be transferred to Merlin Attractions Operations Limited. This will not effect the daily operations of the resort but will consolidate the business from a tax perspective.

Onto the rides and Rita is currently having its trains totally stripped down and inspected as is usual each closed season.
Hex’s Slew Ring is currently being replaced by Vekoma from Holland, this is a massive task to give some idea of the size of this project , two ten tonne jacks and one 20 tonne jack are just some of the kit required to support the structure! This should hopefully fix the parking issue the ride has experienced in recent years.
Th13teen track is being cleaned to remove build up of moss, along with components of Oblivion being cleaned to remove limescale
Progress is being made on SW7 but  reports suggest the ride is currently two weeks behind schedule, Alton Towers have applied to the council to extend working hours in the week and also on Sundays to catch up on the completion date. A Specialist sub-station is also being installed to power SW7!