A local residents group named The Whiston Action Group are set to oppose the Resorts plans to build a fairytale village which are currently known as the Lodge Plans, these plans are set to bring 150 Lodges with arched roofs to the resort next to the current Alton Towers Hotel, Our previous article on these lodges can be found here.

A member of the group has stated that

 “As a group, we plan to make a formal representation against these plans to both the district and county councils. It seems Alton Towers can just play the jobs card and get its plans approved, which isn’t for the people who have to put up with all the traffic. We are whole-heartedly against this development.”

This appeal could be drastic towards the resorts plans on building it’s visitor input and overnight stays, a crucial part of their long term developments.

However a large majority of families believe the plans to be a great addition to the resorts expansion and see it as a major step forward.

What do you think will be the outcome of this? The plans are set to be voted on by the Staffordshire Moorlands Council within the next few weeks.

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