The Alton Towers resort have recently updated their Long Term Development Plan (LTDP) regarding the resorts future.

Information included within the LTDP identifies the background of the Park as well as the local heritage involved with such an area, The document exhibits environmental aspects as well as development points for the park. A few of the Major Points include:


  • Increase/maximise overnight stays;
  • Some Major Rides;
  • Refresh existing themed areas;
  • Develop a year round destination (winter market/provide ‘all weather’ products);
  • Improve product offer (increase choice and extend the appeal of the Resort beyond the core ‘Theme Park’ and develop evening entertainment options);
  • Improve visitor circulation within site;
  • Entertain different groups of people and age profiles (family, teenager and young children);
  • Heritage investment and woodland management;
  • Car park improvements; and
  • Transport investment (non car modes, public transport, and traffic management)

The Document also states that investments will be made in Phases, as of the present date (09/11/2012) Phase 1 has begun with the construction of the Resorts new Secret Weapon Ride (SW7 – View more about the ride at our mini site) and will continue with the resorts proposal to install a new set of Family Lodges to the east of the Alton Towers Hotel, along with new parking areas around said area, this will tackle the issues of Increasing overnight stays to staple the resort as a multi-day attraction, as well as to improve parking.
As well as hotel developments, Areas hinted for development include Adventureland with the removal of the spinning coaster “Sonic Spinball”

Phase 2 will be implemented from 2014-2019;
Some more important and interesting points within the Document regarding Phase 2 hint at the idea of a Cross Valley roller coaster, hinted for a construction date of 2019, along with this a new park entrance is proposed to the east of Duel potentially with the new “Parking Cell” idea.

Refurbishment of current themed areas look at Katanga Canyon as a prospective retheme, and certain rides have been listed as needing replacement as they reach the end of their planned life, these include “Ripsaw” “The Flume” and “The Blade”.

A new entertainment area as well as ride development prospects are expected to the East of Air, potentially making the Hotels more of an Entertainment complex for those having overnight stays.
This information provides a fantastic outlook of how the resort intend to move the park forwards over the next few years and is definitely worth a look.

You can view the documents here

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