Today sees the Alton Towers Resort close it’s theme park gates for the last time in 2012 as the Fireworks Event brings the park to an explosive finale.

Alton Towers opened its park gates for the 2012 season on March 24th, offering guests a chance to ride their most terrifying attraction yet, Nemesis Sub-Terra and experience Ice Age in 4D!

Once again, the Resort gave its fans a roller coaster of a year! We saw an un-finished Nemesis Sub-Terra, potential ride cuts (the closure of Enterprise and Submission) and reduced operating hours – all of which were soon reversed and improved.

Resort wide improvements have also given us the Fired Chicken Co, Resort wide WiFi, £1000 cash give away and the Fantastical Express. All of which has given guests a great reason to return to the Resort.

The biggest news of 2012 was the introduction of the parks most exciting roller coaster since 2002, Secret Weapon 7. The attraction, which is due to launch in 2013, promises to be a roller coaster for the Thrill Seekers, which is something that Alton Towers is long over-due. The plans, details and news of the attraction over all over at our SW7 mini-site, which will be buzzing with galleries, gossip and more throughout the 2012/2013 closed season.

2012 has come to an end with the most exciting part of the year – Scarefest. This years Scarefest was the biggest and best for the resort yet, offering more attractions and entertainment yet. We can’t wait to see what the Resort will have on offer next year.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a finale to a Theme Park season if it weren’t ending with a legendary Alton Towers Fireworks event, which has been lighting up the skies of the resort this weekend. Full coverage of this and more will be online shortly!

So that was 2012 at Alton Towers – What a season! Tell us what you thought of every aspect of the 2012 season with our 2012 – Your Verdict topic…

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The theme park will be opening again for their February Half Term event, which will make a return for 2013, running from 16-24th February.