As the Halloween season approaches more details of this years Scarefest event are being unveiled. Today updated and revealed that the ever popular Scare Rooms will return this year.

From the information posted it would appear that the experience is expanding considerably this year with the theme losely tied to the previous Field Of 1000 Screams cornfield attraction. The text from the Alton Towers website is posted below:

The Altonville Motel cordially invites you to book into one of their delightful themed suites. Following the incidents surrounding the old McLynn farm, the Motel was shut in 2006. However, now under new management, the doors have reopened and await your arrival. 

In a statement, the Motel management said ”We hope that people realise that what they may have heard about the Motel and the Surrounding areas is just local folklore. Any interested guests should book their rooms immediately to avoid bitter disappointment and if they book now, ‘special’ entertainment will be laid on for the lucky few.”

The Alton Motel Scarerooms is an extreme theatrical experience that will take place the moment you check in through till 2:00am. Including a 3 course dinner as a part of your night’s stay, please be aware that by booking this experience, performers will have access to your rooms and some of your personal data. We ask that you please pack appropriate footwear and clothing, as some of this experience will take place outdoors.

In addition to the Scare Rooms, Alton Towers are currently offering up to 40% off Scarefest tickets if booked in advance online.