From Monday 18th June the following rides will not open until 11am:

Air, Th13teen, Duel, Congo River Rapids, The Flume, Battle Galleons, Skyride, Driving School, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Wobble World is also expected to be on reduced operating hours.

TowersTimes can also confirm the following changes:

Spinball Noodles and the Rehydrator food and drinks outlets have been closed until further notice. Ride queueline kiosks will also have reduced operating hours with some remaining closed completely.

The Rita Shop is closed with the exception of the photo point and The Towers Family Restaurant will only be open in the morning.

In a surprise move the popular ‘Acorn’ walkabout character from the new Ice Age 4D attraction has also been withdrawn from the park.

These changes come during a year of significant financial difficulty for the entire attractions industry. Many parks across the country have made similar, if not so drastic changes.

Will these changes affect your trips to the park? Why not discuss these developments on our forum: Reduced Operating Hours