The park has been busy over the Month of May, with Sub-Terra closing for a week long revamp and various other improvements around the park.

As previously reported, Nemesis: Sub-Terra went dark last week for a much anticipated improvement program to enhance the experience. The attraction reopened to more positive reviews on Saturday and has now become a much more solid addition to the Alton Towers line-up.

Alongside the previously implemented improvements to the pre-show and batching areas, Sub-terra now boasts a post-show maze element, as well as improvements to both lifts and extra theming and effects within the Observation Chamber. The experience now feels a lot more substantial and we would recommend taking another look if you were disappointed by the attraction earlier in the season.

Elsewhere in the park, HB Leisure look to have been busy so far this season with improvements across the park’s game offerings. In a welcome addition to both Gloomy Wood and Mutiny Bay, themed Sketch Booths have been introduced to replace some of the claw-grabber machines which have previously dominated the park’s Fun and Games line-up.

Meanwhile, in between Sonic Spinball and the Boating Lake, a new Gladiators-style duelling game has been set-up on the location previously used by Mount Rocky over the Easter period. And elsewhere, in a surprise but welcome move, two of the park’s basketball games have been removed, with both Ripsaw Revenge and Detonator Drop no longer available, with parts of the latter now sitting in the construction site for SW7. TowersTimes look forward to seeing if there will be any further improvements to the range of games offered over the coming months.

Hex has also seen some work recently, the world renowned darkride has been suffering from major audio problems resulting in the main ride chambers music being very quiet. In the last week, the audio has been rectified and some of the original atmosphere has returned. It is also believed that work is on-going to further improve the ageing ride.

Finally, The Skyride now looks to be back in full operation after the planned cuts to the service were reversed little more then a week into the trial. It seems that the negative guest reaction, after it was officially announced on Alton Towers’ website, was such that the park decided it was not the right move to make after all.