As reported on TowersTimes last week, Nemesis Sub-Terra is closed this week to allow for planned maintenance and improvements.  It is thought the ride’s manufacturer, ABC Rides are onsite tweaking the ride system, but reports this week suggest even more could be in store.

A large container is now positioned between the ride’s exit and baggage hold, in a similar style to the rest of the building and bearing the Phalanx logo, suggesting an extension to the existing experience.  Along with this, the park have been advertising for additional actors.  It is now thought that some sort of scare maze or walkthrough could be added to the attraction, improving the experience for guests.

Since opening, Nemesis Sub-Terra has been the subject of mixed guest feedback, both from enthusiasts here on TowersTimes Forums and by the general public, and has already undergone significant tweaks operationally.  Many have suggested the attraction is too short and crucially, not scary enough compared to the marketing it received before its launch.

Mark Kerrigan, the park’s Operations and Development Director, already signalled to TowersTimes during our birthday event earlier this month that the ride was not yet fully signed off.  Could this signal a response to the negative feedback the park has received since the ride opened?

Nemesis Sub-Terra is due to reopen on Saturday 26th May, and TowersTimes will be at Alton Towers Resort that weekend to report on the new additions to the experience.

Check out the latest photo’s from the Sub Terra site and have your say on what should be done to improve the ride by joining in with the lively discussion on Nemesis Sub-Terra at TowersTimes Forum.  Be aware though, the topic does contain spoilers!

UPDATE: Photos of the work being carried out on Sub-Terra as of today (20th April), taken by Team member AstroDan, can now be viewed here!