10 years ago, TowersTimes.co.uk was born and we decided to celebrate our birthday with a huge celebration at the Alton Towers Resort.

TowersTimes are now pleased to present all the videos from the event online, so if you missed the event or want to relive it all again you can now do so.

The event started with a surprise visit from the Pirates of Mutiny Bay who gave our some awards! Well done to SAM93, Joelio, McFlurry, Magrathea and Rob!


Next, Chris TT, TowersTimes owner, gave us a short welcome and talked about his involvement with the site over the years.


This was then followed by a presentation by Mark Kerrigan, who is Alton Towers Resort’s Operations and Development Director.


TowersTimes Team Member Dormiens-Dave, then gave us a brief overview of the last 10 year’s of TT.


It was then time for our special guest, John Wardley. (You may know him as the creator of Nemesis, Oblivion, Air, the Haunted House and countless other attractions within the Merlin Entertainments theme parks) John discussed a wide variety of topics in his Q&A session.


Finally, the event was closed by the TowersTimes Admins (Joel, Kaycee and Craig) who gave us a overview of how the website has changed in the last 10 years.


TowersTimes thanks everyone who helped make the event a huge success, with over 80 people attending. Perhaps we’ll do it again for our 15th of 20th birthdays!