The long running dispute between the Ropers and Alton Towers Resort took another twist today, when the park’s appeal to prevent the Ropers from taking their grievances to the high court was thrown-out, paving the way for a High Court battle between Merlin Entertainments (Alton Towers parent company) and the couple who own a house in Farley.

The battle between the Ropers and the resort started in 2002 when they claimed their lives where made a misery by the noise of the rides and the park’s screaming guests. They successfully won a civil case against the park in 2004 and won a noise abatement order in 2007, resulting in the Oblivion drop audio being removed and the parks firework displays being limited to 3 shows a year.

In January 2011 the couple lost a civil case and injunction against the park and it is this civil case that is being appealed in the High Courts. The stakes for both parties are high; if the resort loses rides could be forced to close near the boundary of the park (potentially including Oblivion). If the couple lose they may be subject to huge financial penalties as they have been refused protection against legal costs.

As always TowersTimes will keep you up-to-date with the case as it continues.