Alton Towers have now reduced the height restrictions for The Flume.  A number of modified boats have been installed which can hold a maximum of 2 riders between 1.0m and 1.3m and a maximum of three adults.  Unmodified boats will remain which can seat up to 5 people.

In April last year, Alton Towers raised the height restriction for The Flume meaning guests needed to be at least 1.2m when accompanied by an adult and 1.3m when unaccompanied.  This was in response to safety advice issues by the ride’s manufacturer, Mack Rides GmbH.

Riders under 1.3m still must ride with an adult over 18, however the changes will no doubt be welcomed by families who were disappointed last season after the changes meant some children were no longer able to ride.

Prior to last April’s changes, the ride previously operated with a minimum height limit of 0.9m accompanied and 1.1m unaccompanied.