Today, Alton Towers updated the 2012 Attraction Minisite with a new header, reading “18 years later…revealed here 18:18 31.12.11”.

This suggests that more information on the new ride will be revealed at this time on New Year’s Eve. Both the nature of the ride system itself, and whetherWhat Lies Beneath is the ride’s actual name  still remain under wraps, the only thing which is currently certain is the ride’s thematic tie-in with Nemesis. This is reinforced further by the “18 years later” tagline, which obviously refers to the time since the ride’s 1994 opening.

Debate about the ride is just as strong as always on our discussion forums, and has now spanned a whopping 179 pages; popular rumours suggest the ride system may be one or more ABC drop towers, or possibly a new model of ABC dark ride system, but as yet nothing has been confirmed.