Today, two planning applications have appeared on the Staffordshire Moorlands Council Planning Portal. Very little is known about the applications but they are both relating to the Blackhole Tent Site.

The Blackhole Tent has sat unused for a number of years, except for Scarefest 2011 when it was used for the Boiler House and Carnival of Screams scaremazes.

The first planning application (11/01205/CONSER) is a Conservation Area Consent, this suggests that Alton Towers are planning on removing the tent.

The second planning application (11/01203/FUL) is likely to be the ride/attraction which will be on the Blackhole Site.

It is not yet known if this is a Secret Weapon 7 development, the large rollercoaster project scheduled for 2013, or another project. TowersTimes will bring you more news as we get it!