Stephen and Suzanne Roper, owners of the company Churchill China, are once again seeking compensation from Alton Towers for noise disturbances, which the couple claim have affected them at their Farley residence.

The Ropers’ legal battles with the park began in 2002, with one notable product being the noise abatement order which the couple managed to secure after lenghty proceedings in 2007. However, their persistent claim for an injuction and compensation was, again, thrown out by the High Court in January of this year, a decision which the couple described as “Draconian and disproportionate”.

However, a more senior judge, Mr Justice Hickinbottom, has renewed the couple’s hope, adjourning the case to give Alton Towers’ management time to prepare for the case’s return the courtroom. This was a move taken with reluctance on his part, however, and with escalating legal costs, the Ropers will be footing a hefty bill in the event of an unsuccessful appeal.

In the unfortunate event of this appeal being successful, the Ropers’ injuction claim would result in Alton Towers both having to pay damages for the noise since 1998, and also having to close or relocate certain attractions, in order to end the “misery” which Mr Roper believes is afflicting “many others in Farley and Alton”.