Eagle eyed visitors to the Merlin Annual Pass Facebook page have discovered a Annual Pass Survey posted online that appears to be gathering feedback and thoughts around a 3rd higher tiered pass offering yet more perks and benefits beyond the current Premium pass level to its holder.

The survey, which for a limited time can be found online here, quickly asks for feedback on a new tiered pass, with added benefits such as:

  • A free soft drink refillable capsule offering unlimited fountain drinks all year
  • Free preferred parking at theme parks (subject to availability)
  • Unlimited Fast Track ride access before 2pm (certain rides only)
  • 2 free guest tickets per year for any Merlin attraction
  • A limited edition lanyard

The survey suggests that Merlin is looking to market the price of this new pass at around £309 per person for a year (versus the current non-discounted Premium Annual Pass price of £168 – almost double the cost), and also asks for feedback around a one-time upgrade fee of £120 for existing pass holders to add these benefits.

Whilst this survey is not conclusive that Merlin are indeed going to launch a new pass or even for the price suggested, previous surveys of a very similar nature have quickly been followed by a change to the Annual Pass structure and a launch of, for example, the Premium pass last year.

The big question on most Annual Passholders’ lips however is that if a restructuring of passes is indeed on the cards for 2012 – what changes are in store for the current Standard and Premium tier of passes – with previous revisions at least one or more benefits have been axed or moved up a tier.

You can discuss this survery and more on the Merlin Annual Pass on our discussion forums.