For the past few months, some eagle-eyed TowersTimes members have been spotting developments around Air’s ride area, including the addition of cameras in the tunnel and around the ride’s circuit, as well as various types of lighting being tested in the tunnel.

Today, in a surprise end-of-season revelation, Alton Towers announced the reason behind these additions: Air On-Ride DVDs. As of tomorrow (Thursday 27th October), guests will be able to purchase a DVD of themself on Air, from the Air Shop, for £12 (or £15 for both their DVD and photo).

Alton Towers have previously experimented with on-ride video opportunities, with the YourDay system running for several years, before later being rebranded as Alton Towers Resort DVD (and soon after closed down), and more recently the trials with on-ride video on Oblivion. Whether or not the new Air DVD incorporates some of the hardware previously used by YourDay remains to be seen, although there will definitely be some new cameras in use.

It also remains to be seen whether or not this system will be introduced on Alton Towers’ other major attractions, something which will presumably depend on how successful Air DVDs are.

For more information, visit the Alton Towers website, or discuss the DVDs, and all things Alton Towers, on our popular discussion forums!