Several eagle eyed TowersTimes members at Alton Towers today spotted that there have been some new features added around the site of the highly anticipated 2012 attraction. Some of these include:

  • Actors patrolling the area in radiation suits, scanning park guests with Geiger Counters (The devices used to measure radiation levels) and handing out cards with the 2012 mini site address.
  • Sirens and evacuation announcements are also audible around the construction site, informing that the area is unstable.
  • There have been new posters appearing on the fences around the area warning of hazardous materials, and excavation works as well as flashing warning lights.


Along with all the previous banners and promotional material featured both in the park, and on the 2012 mini-site. it would appear the new ride will be keeping with the existing theme of the Forbidden Valley area and linking heavily with the Nemesis Legend.As always TowersTimes will be bringing you all the latest information and developments on this new attraction, and our forums are available for discussion here, including images of these new changes.