Following the release of the Scarefest 2011 Map earlier today, and the revealtion that the 2012 attraction would be based around ‘Nemesis: What lies beneath”, Alton Towers have now launched a mini site at

The site begins with a video in code, showing that a team of scientists have discovered some catacombs with the codename ‘Nemesis Omega One’. Shortly after, communication with the scientists was lost. This is followed by a video clip and the following text:

What was once a secret

Hidden for decades

Is a secret no more

Do you dare to enter?

Nemesis. What lies beneath. Unleashed 2012.

The video features loud noises and images of the Nemesis eye together with various toxic/excavation symbols, which would link to the theme of Forbidden Valley.

There is also the original Nemesis launch video, which shows the original discovery of the alien monster.