Last week, we reported that Alton Towers had submitted a planning application for the “construction of new indoor ride at Alton Towers Resort and associated hard/soft landscaping works”. Today, the Staffordshire Moorlands planning website has released the associated documents, all of which describe the development as “ATR 2012 New Attraction” – confirming that the planned opening of this attraction will be next season.

The documents also confirm previous rumours that the attraction is destined for Forbidden Valley, occupying the space currently used by the Lava Lump and Body Zorbing attractions, which previously housed the Dynamo ride. Both current attractions will be removed to make way for the new one.

The contents of the building are currently only described as an “indoor ride”, but it is notable that the building will go underground by approximately 6 metres, to incorporate a “new basement area”, and that overhead plans suggest the building will be split into sections, possibly allowing for pre-shows to the main experience.

The attraction will follow the same military/industrial theme as the rest of Forbidden Valley, with corrugated metal taking prominence in the building, queueline fencing, and the ride’s shop (which, like Th13teen’s, is housed in a shipping container). While no information is currently given as to the nature of the ride system itself, the downwards construction suggests it will take advantage of the area underneath the building, and it will certainly have some kind of “dark ride” experience.