Update: 06/08/11 – The Skyride has now re-opened.

Earlier today, the Skyride begun testing after its many weeks of closure.

The Skyride, the theme park’s major transportation system, closed back in June due to the cable needing to be replaced. Replacing the cable of the Skyride is a complicated prodcedure especially as much of it’s route covers key walkways and attractions.

At first, rumours suggested that the Skyride would be closed for the rest of the season, due to the complexity of a cable change, but Alton Towers have spent a number of weeks preparing for the cable change. TowersTimes forum member djtruefitt reported last weekthat work had starting on replacing a new cable.

TowersTimes have since been informed that testing has now begun on the Skyride, with a gondola seen leaving Towers Street for Forbidden Valley earlier today. The Skyride is still currently closed to guests, but with news that the cable change has been completed and testing has begun the Skyride could be open again very soon.

TowersTimes will update you when the Skyride is back open to guests.