The Alton Towers homepage has been advertising “All Time Greats – Which one will take the crown?” in recent days and a new TV advert, featuring the classic Alton Towers soundtrack can be viewed here which showcases the big 5 coasters at the park backed up by the classic sounds of Tom Baker (of 1994 Nemesis advert fame) and a new version of In The Hall Of The Mountain King, the park’s classic soundtrack.

Another longer video, featuring press-happy ex-politicians Neil and Christine Hamilton has been sourced on YouTube, which shows the couple humourusly advertising their preferred rollercoaster.

The campaign focuses around Nemesis, Oblivion, Air, Rita and Th13teen – and is presumed to be designed at boosting summer attendance at the UK’s biggest theme park. Alton Towers have also uploaded high quality videos for the original TV adverts for these rides, which can be seen on the official YouTube channel! Guests are invited to vote for their favourite, and could win a prize.

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