With rumours building about the Secret Weapon 7 plans which are currently top secret – it has come as a suprise to many that Alton Towers’ forthcoming 2013 projects plans are on show – for all guests to see!

Forum member, siralgenon, has posted images of the find – together with a range of other Alton Towers related literature, including the fine work – The Boy who looked down and The life and times of Algenon Alton by renowned author W.I. Burton.

The plans are located inside SW7 – Top secret plans. All of these new literary treats can be seen by visiting the Resort Box Office on Towers Street, home to the sales and information team who advise guests on hotel stays and fastrack options for their visit.

TowersTimes are delighted to see that such fine works have finally been made available for guests. Sadly, none of the books are actually available to read which has really upset many devoted fans of the resort!