In recent weeks Alton Towers have quietly increased the cost of on the day entry tickets. This increase will only affect those who will be using promotional vouchers to enter the park.

To add further confusion to an already unnecessarily complicated pricing structure the cost of entry to the park for those adult guests who will be using promotional vouchers (such as Buy One Get One Free’s) is now £40.80. There is also a “Special Offer on the day” price of adult tickets for £39.60.

This move will increase the revenue gained from guests who visit the resort using the very popular BOGOF offers, who make up a large percentage of resort visitors.

This news adds further criticism to the pricing structure adopted by Alton Towers this season. At the start of the season Alton Towers took the unusual steps to show ticket prices excluding VAT. For many guests it is starting to become increasingly difficult to understand how much it costs to visit Alton Towers with different pricing for those with promotional vouchers, online sales and on the day tickets. (as well as the prices show without VAT)

You can see how confusing the pricing for Alton Towers has become by viewing the ticket page on

Team member Astrodan took the following photos


With tickets now breaking the psychological barrier of £40 and if guest figures are strong it could pave the way for further increases later in the season or from 2012.

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