Nemesis makes top 10 – again!

The global steel rollercoaster poll results have been posted today by the acclaimed Mitch Hawker rollercoaster poll which sees hundreds of people around the world posting ballots on their favourite rollercoasters. Nemesis, Alton Towers’ legendary B&M Inverted rollercoaster, has once again found itself in the top 10 with a number 5 placing – making it the highest ranked looping rollercoaster and highest ranked B&M in the world.

All the rollercoasters above Nemesis are Intamin speed/airtime based rollercoasters – such as the acclaimed Expedition Ge Force in Germany and Intimidator305 in the USA.

Opening in 1994, Nemesis is also the oldest rollercoaster in the top 10 – by a considerable margin. All the rollercoasters above it have opened since the turn of the 21st century.

Alton Towers’ latest £15million rollercoaster, Th13teen, failed to make any impact on the poll whatsoever – with a lowly placing of 153 – below all of Alton Towers’ other major rollercoasters and well below the likes of Colossus at Thorpe Park, Mumbo Jumbo at Flamingoland and Saw – The Ride at Thorpe Park. Sadly however, there is only one UK rollercoaster inside the top 70, making it one of the worst represented countries in the poll.

Here is the top 20 rollercoasters in the UK, together with their global placing:

1. Nemesis, Alton Towers (5)

2. Stealth, Thorpe Park (75)

3. Oblivion, Alton Towers (85)

4. Speed: No Limits, Oakwood (92)

5. Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park (94)

6. Air, Alton Towers (106)

7. Saw – The Ride, Thorpe Park (107)

8. Rita, Alton Towers (118)

9. Colossus, Thorpe Park (133)

10. Mumbo Jumbo, Flamingoland (139)

11. The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley (141)

12. Th13teen, Alton Towers (153)

13. Vampire, Chessington World of Adventures (159)

14. Knightmare, Camelot Theme Park (169)

15. Rage, Adventure Island (172)

16. Kumali, Flamingoland (175)

17. Steeplechase, Pleasure Beach Blackpool (187)

18. Velocity, Flamingoland, (202)

19. Pepsi Max Big One, Pleasure Beach Blackpool (204)

20. Millennium Coaster, Fantasy Island (218)

So, once again – congratulations to Nemesis – voted the best looping coaster in the world, again!


Updated 13/05/11: Since the results were revealed Nemesis has been promoted to 5th place from 6th, due to additional ballots added to the results, this is two places higher than last year. Sixth place was a fantastic achievement for Nemesis but fifth is very good news for the Alton Towers Resort and Nemesis’ creators.


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