Ian Crabbe, Divisional Director of Alton Towers Resort, today revealed the scale of the plans for the new rollercoaster development, set to open for the 2013 theme park season.

Expected to be the next rollercoaster in the Secret Weapon line-up, following Nemesis (1994), Oblivion (1998), Air (2002) and Th13teen (2010), the ride has now been confirmed as a ‘world first’ and ‘more expensive than Th13teen’ – meaning that the price is above £15million. The pricetag for the LC12 development at THORPE PARK in 2012 is around £18million, so we may see a similar price here.

The plans are currently top secret and it is thought that John Wardley is working on the ride in an advisory role, however little is known at this time in terms of factual evidence. It is expected that the ride, unlike Th13teen, will have a 1.4metre height restriction (similar to Nemesis, Air, Oblivion and Rita) and a thrill focus.

The location of the new attraction could be one of several: key locations are thought to be Coaster Corner (behind Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and the car park behind Air. The manufacturer of the ride is unknown at this time, although Merlin are installing three Bolliger and Mabillard rollercoasters at Gardaland, Heide Park and THORPE PARK in the next two years.

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