A recent press release from Alton Towers, via a partner site, has detailed a new show set for the Cloud Cuckoo Land theatre in 2011 – a colourful, energtic and cheery stage show entitled the Go!Go!Go! Show, fresh from its debut and supportive reviews in the London West End in 2010.

The show appears to be targetted to the young audience expected in Cloud Cuckoo Land, featuring 5 ‘pop singers’ and some oddly named characters such as Fluffalope and Mr Baffled and is set to bring some high energy, interactive dance and song to the theatre – with a medley of songs composed by names behind famous acts such as Steps.

Sadly it appears that this addition will mean a goodbye to some of Alton’s famous and popular stage show characters, such as Sir Algenon (and his attic adventures, as previously featured in Cloud Cuckoo Land Theatre), and the rather cute and lovable purple dragon, Snorlix.
With the show seemingly ‘bought off the shelf’ from its debut in the London West End, it also sadly may mean another demise of the ever talented resort entertainments team who have worked hard to write, produce and star in the shows since the Cloud Cuckoo Land Theatre revival in 2009, although it is unsure yet if they will play any part in the new show.

With this announcement and the addition of the Sharbait Reef Spider Crabs for 2011, Alton Towers appears to be pulling a few little suprises out of their sleeves for the new season, but the question still looms – with the lack of a major or even minor attraction – if it will be enough to entice people back for the 2011 season.

You can get a taste of the show from the Go!Go!Go!’s website at www.gogogo.tv

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