Alton Towers Resort have now released the key promotional image for the 2011 season. This years visual has a number of slight changes compared with previous years, as it is expected that Alton Towers have slightly changed their brand image for this season.

As you can see, there is still a large section of the promotional image dedicated to 2010’s attraction Th13teen. The image also contains references to Mutiny Bay, Sharkbait Reef and Cloud Cuckoo Land.
Unlike 2010’s key visual (which included a large reference to Th13teen), there is no reference to any attraction that could be added in 2011.

It is now expected that Alton Towers’ marketing department will start to release further details about the 2011 season.
TowersTimes will be monitoring any marketing developments, such as any ride announcements, and we will bring you details as soon as we hear anything.

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