TowersTimes have gone back through the archives to see what has been the most popular news and forum topics on TT. Here’s a quick rundown of what Alton Towers fans have been interested in over the last year!

Let’s start with the top 5 TowersTimes News articles on 2010, and at number 5 is:

March 8th 2010 : Th13teen ads hit TV screens

Back in March there was a huge hype building for the new for 2010 rollercoaster TH13TEEN. On the 8th of March Alton Towers Facebook page revealed the “blipverts”, one of the more popular aspects of TH13TEENs marketing.

At Number 4:

March 4th 2010 : 2010 Map Launches

Another news article from the beginning of March and it was the launch of the 2010 map. Released in The Sun newspaper it revealed how the Dark Forest area would be represented in 2010.

Our 3rd most popular news article was:

January 31st 2010 : Rita Retheme Begins

We go back to the end of January, when Thirteen and the Dark Forest was still under construction. Alton Towers continued their online marketing efforts and released some images via Flickr of the Rita retheme. At the time, Alton Towers fans were desperate to see any pictures of the Dark Forest construction.

In 2nd was:

March 5th 2010 : Th13teen Preview Weekend: Statement

One of the low points of the year for many Alton Towers fans was the cancellation of the TH13TEEN preview weekend. Anger and dissapointment was felt by many of those booked on the preview weekend so Morwenna Angove (the then head of Sales and Marketing) released this statement to TowersTimes. The event was cut down to one evening later in the season. Click here for videos from the John Wardley Presentation at the TH13TEEN Evening.

And our number 1 most viewed news article of 2010 was:

February 1st 2010 : Th13teen trains revealed & chance to ride first!

Unsurprisingly, our most viewed news article was TH13TEEN related. Back in February of 2010 Alton Towers released the details of the TH13TEEN Boot Camp, offering the chance to ride TH13TEEN before anyone else. This competition also revealed the design of TH13TEEN’s trains.

Finally, we take a look at the most viewed topic on TowersTimes Forum:

5. Scarefest: 16-31 October 2010

[NO SPOILERS] As with every year, Scarefest is a big talking point on TowersTimes. Here you can read all the speculation and pre-event discussion.

4. 2010: Sonic Spinball Discussion about one of the most unexpected surprises for the 2010 season, the retheme of Spinball Whizzer to Sonic Spinball.

3. SW6 / Thirteen – Ride & Construction discussion Part 2 One of the numerous topics discussing TH13TEENs construction.

2. Th13teen – Ride discussion The moment when Alon Towers fans found our exactly what TH13TEEN was, read everyones initial thoughts to the GMTV news report and everyones opinions on the ride.

1. SW6 / Thirteen – Ride & Construction discussion The final topic before TH13TEEN was fully revealed on March 20th 2010, it includes the last of the speculation of the SW6 project (which was first discussed back in 2008!)

With no attraction yet announced for 2011 keep your eyes on TowersTimes for the latest news!