When we noticed Merlin’s terms & conditions changed on Monday we immediately wrote to them with a number of questions, a lot of these queries have now been answered. All replies were made by Merlin or Alton Towers:1) Will existing annual pass holders be affected?


2) What date does/did this apply for with regards to people buying new passes?

Passes redeemed from the 4th January 2011 will be under the 2011 Terms

3) Does this apply to Both the Standard and Premium Annual passes?

No, only the Standard

4) What will be the parking charge for 2011 at Alton Towers Resort?

Parking will remain at £5 for the 2011 season.

5) Will there be any discount from the standard price for the parking charge?


6) Does it apply to the Alton Towers Annual Pass & Water Park Annual Pass?

Alton Towers Resort will be introducing a premium pass at £99 per person which will include free parking.

7) Will hotel guests still be entitled to free parking?

Hotel guests will continue to receive free parking, as will existing passholders.

8) The following question is for people in the local area, as it’s something they will no doubt be concerned about: A lot of Pass holders are regular visitors to Alton Towers and unlike other customers know the surrounding area very well. What will Alton Towers be doing to combat annual pass holders parking in the village?

Parking vehicles in the local area would of course be an inconvenience for our local community and we would expect them to contact the police should any car cause an obstruction. We would also like to think that Annual Pass holders, who are more aware than many of the potential ramifications of their actions, would show more consideration and park as requested on our own property.


We just like to remind all pass holders not to cause an obstruction in the village, Towerstimes doesn’t condone this sort of behaviour. If you wish to park outside of Alton Towers grounds to avoid parking costs you are more than entitled to do so, however please do so in a sensible manor and in accordance with the Highway Code.

Lightwater Valley has commented on the parking charge: “We value your business and think that parking your car should always be free of charge, don’t you? If you drive all that way to see us it’s the least we can do …”

We fully agree with their statement, and ask Alton Towers to reconsider the parking charge, not only for pass holders but for all customers.

We would like to see a regular free bus service running to and from a local train station. This would then give customers a realistic choice of travelling by public transport. Right now we have very little choice as Alton Towers is so out of the way.

Although Merlin has made the passes seem better value than we initially thought, let’s not forget the new structure of paying to park is now in place. In the coming years we could very well see large price hikes for both Parking and the Annual Pass, which could force most pass holders to opt for the Standard edition and pay a parking fee each visit.

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