On her very last day, Morwenna very kindly took the time to to pass this message onto everyone here:

Dear Alton Towers Resort fans,

Today is my last day so I thought I would take the opportunity to thank you for all your support and feedback over the last few years, I know (because I do read the forums!) that some of my ideas haven’t always been received positively by some of you but they have always been undertaken with the best interests of the Resort at heart and have been partly instrumental for ensuring that the business has grown consistently over the last 3 years, 2010 being a record breaking year in so many ways.

It will be incredibly hard to leave a place about which I care passionately and even harder to leave behind a group of dedicated, talented and fantastic people who strive to deliver their absolute best for you and the other guests who visit the Resort in growing numbers every year.

So, whilst you may have seen the back of scantily-clad ladies on Rita; scantily-clad men in the Waterpark and Clowns protesting I am confident that you will not have seen the end of business growth, great guest experiences in addition to award-winning marketing campaigns and some terrifically unique product development.

Goodbye and Good Luck.
Morwenna xx

On behalf of all of our members and the team, TowersTimes would like to thank Morwenna for her hard work, and wish Morwenna the very best in her future.