A reader has contacted us to advise that during his return to the car parks via the monorail this week, some re-recorded audio on the recently refurbished trains was heard. On his journey on the Mutiny Bay train, it was announced that fireworks would be making a welcome return.

The resort has not seen a fireworks event since Electric Towers at the end of the 2006 season, where a 3 night event was held instead of the traditional 5 nights seen prior to 2005. Due to a noise abatement order, in recent years Alton Towers has chosen to hold an annual “Scarefest” Halloween event in place of fireworks. Scarefest has been growing in popularity, and considering park posters this year already feature the event it is thought the fireworks are in addition to the park’s now regular October event.

Details are still very sketchy at the moment, but stay tuned to TowersTimes News for updates as we get them. In the meantime feel free to visit our forum where we have a dedicated discussion topic for the 2010 fireworks and also our dedicated forum for 2010’s headline attraction Th13teen and the new area The Dark Forest

Thanks to TowersTimes reader Russell for contacting us