In recent years, Alton Towers first tried a February theme park opening in 2007, with the Towers, Treats and Trails event. Carters Steam Fair were brought in to provide traditional entertainment for all, with only Oblivion opened in X Sector as an “added bonus”. However, for 2008, the theme park expanded the event to include a variety of theme park rides and attractions for the public to enjoy – and it returned for February 2009. For 2010 – more rides than ever before will be opened on the theme park.

February opening allows everyone, including Annual Pass Holders, the chance to briefly banish the Winter closed-season blues, by offering a selection of attractions, both family and thrill, before the main season begins for a reduced entry fee and, quite often, coupled with good hotel resort offers too.

Next year, the theme park will open from 13-21 February between 10am and 4pm. The Monorail will be open as usual between the Hotel Resort/Car Parks and the Towers Street Entrance Plaza. Rides/attractions available will be as follows:

– Sharkbait Reef by SEA LIFE (Aquarium)
– Old Macdonald’s Singing Barn
– Squirrel Nutty Ride
– Hex: The Legend of the Towers
– Giant Rabbits & Miniature Donkeys
– Old Maconald’s Tractor Ride
– Berry Bish Bash
– Riverbank Eye Spy
– There’s Something in the Dung Heap
– Doodle Doo Derby
– Peugeot Driving School
– Frog Hopper
– Gallopers Carousel
– Wobble World
– Twirling Toadstool
– Marauders Mayhem
– Heave Ho!
– Duel: The Haunted House Strikes Back!
– Runaway Mine Train
– Spinball Whizzer
– Oblivion
– Blade
– Air

As you can see from the above list, every area of Alton Towers will be open, including almost all the parks childrens rides, with exception to Ug Land – due to the new “Secret Weapon Six/Ride Into The Unknown” development which is likely to open, along with all the other rides and attractions at Alton Towers, on Saturday, 20th March 2010.