Complaints regarding increased noise from Nemesis, the parks oldest and most celebrated thrill rollercoaster, began a fortnight ago when the famous “roar” suddenly got louder.

As reported previously, a number of calls had been made to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council in Leek calling for the park to reduce the noise. To be fair to Alton Towers, they have responded immediately, and manufacturers have been on site working with Alton Towers’ Technical Services. It appears that the problem was caused by new tyres on the ride for the 2009 season. The problem is being rectified at the moment, and both trains should have new tyres on in the very near future.

Some residents were fairly understanding of the problem, while others were deeply dissatisfied. The ongoing problem of noise created at the theme park has been a major local issue since Stephen and Suzanne Roper of Farley successfully secured a noise abatement order against the park in 2005. They claimed that Air, Nemesis and Oblivion made their lives a misery.

Local newspaper, The Sentinel, has published an article today about the noise issues, and of 16 comments posted on the story by residents in the Stoke on Trent area, 15 are overwhelmingly in favour of the park – many claiming that the “moaning brigade” are just coming out of their shells yet again.

No doubt this will not be the last we here on this issue.

Thanks to The Sentinel for the latest details.