The 2009 season at Alton Towers splashed into life on Saturday, with thousands of guests enjoying the brand new attractions at the Resort.

The major new attraction was Sharkbait Reef by Sea Life. Opening to the first guests just after 9am, this brand new aquarium attraction in Mutiny Bay features hundreds of species of sea life, from Sea Horses to deadly sharks! The £4 Million attraction is a must for any visitor to the Resort, with regular talks and presentations given by the staff in Sharkbait Reef. Be sure to check the times of these talks at the entrance to the attraction.

Heading out of Mutiny Bay and over to Cloud Cuckoo Land, the brand new Family area for the 2009 season. Regular guests will know this as the ‘re-themed’ Cred Street area of the park, with a touched up Carousel, a brand new Sir Algenon show in the Cloud Cuckoo Land Theatre, the Driving School and a new addition to the area, Twirling Toadstool.

Over in the other areas of the park, brand new food outlets have opened up, giving an even wider choice to the Resort guests. Most notably, Explorers Pizza & Pasta, replacing the KFC and Pizza Hut outlet in Katanga Canyon. Elsewhere, Ug Land has opened up a new ‘Pie & Mash’ outlet, serving a variety of Pies, and Mutiny Bay sees a new food outlet too, offering hot Pasties.

Regarding 2010 and SW6, Ug Land was looking very bare during the opening weekend, with Corkscrew noticeably missing. With the news that the 2010 Roller Coaster has been given the OK by the local planning council, a large banner has been erected in Ug Land telling guests something new and exciting is coming in 2010.

2009 Ticket Prices

Don’t forget, by purchasing park tickets online at, you and your party will gain access to the park 1 hour before the gates open at 10am for Early Ride Time on a selection of Family and Thrill rides;

£29 – Adult
£22 – Child