Corkscrew, a rollercoaster that is known to every adult or child who has ever visited Alton Towers, has closed for the final time after a day of celebration was held in the ride’s honour.

Russell Barnes, divisional director for the Alton Towers Resort, had the pleasure of sending off the final public train, at around 3.45pm on Sunday afternoon before the ride was condemned to the Alton Towers Archive.

In heavy rain, spirits were not dampened, as groups of both families and enthusiasts took their final journeys. The park had special music playing in Ug Land and Towers Street to mark the day (1980’s style), 1980’s style entertainers, access to the ride area, a hall of memories in the Towers Suite, and a certificate for all riders.

Special merchandise, including a specially over-layed On-Ride-Photo, limited edition t-shirt and poster was available from a couple of park outlets. The T-shirts and posters all sold out. It was also revealed by Mr. Barnes that the park are hoping to keep the double Corkscrew as a lasting memorial to the famous rollercoaster somewhere on the resort.

There were tears of sadness but at the same time waves of excitement as utterings of “world first” and “innovative” were heard regarding the replacement in 2010.

A special day for guests of Alton Towers, and one that is the end of the 2007 season, but the start of the long journey to the 2010 season. We’ll be there – the whole way!

RIP Corkscrew!

(We hope to bring you pictures from the event in the coming days)